• The Personal Security of key executives is now an area of major concern to most organisations.  The threat to these individuals can be from terrorists, criminals and other extremist groups.  Any action by these groups will obviously affect the personal safety of the individual but will ultimately affect the continued operation of the business.








  • G.D.A. is able to provide international trained consultants, who specialised in the field of VIP Protection, all of whom have held senior positions within government organisations and have operated, world-wide, at the highest levels.

  • Among our specialities at IIS is the provision of VIP security services. The purpose of these services is to limit, insofar as possible, risks to the life of the VIP, his family and close associates. This is accomplished by establishing patterns of conduct which would make it difficult for a potential adversary to garner intelligence information to aid in the planning and execution of an attack.








  •  Our services begin with the initial, comprehensive survey conducted by senior consultants specialising in this field, to examine the VIP’s daily routine and the existing security means and measures at his residence and offices, vehicles he uses, etc.

    On completion of the preliminary survey, IIS will submit a written report presenting the findings with regard to present conditions, along with recommendations on personnel, technical means, etc., geared toward enhancing the level of security surrounding the VIP and his family. IIS personnel employed in this particular field are personally selected for the knowledge and experience. These services are available world-wide


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